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Do not let the scales define you

An important public service announcement.........

Today's blog post is about a subject which I find myself thinking about often. Women seem to hold so much value on the number displayed when they step on the weighing scales.

But I am here to tell you to STOP! We do not walk around with the number flashing above our heads, it doesn't define us as a person, it doesn't tell us whether we are kind, considerate, caring or loved.

It doesn't even tell us if we are fit or healthy, and it definitely should not decide whether we are happy or sad.

We need to begin to celebrate our body for all the wonderful things it does for us, the human body is such a complex and amazing thing , yet so many women punish it for the way it looks, or how much it weighs.

Our weight is affected by so many factors, and it is perfectly normal for our weight to fluctuate ALL of the time, things that affect our weight are:

- When we last ate

- If we ate a bigger meal than usual

- Our hormonal cycle

- How hydrated we are

- If we have done a hard workout

- If we have eaten a salty meal

- When we last went to the toilet

- Stress levels

- How much sleep we are getting

The number on the scales is not determined by how much body fat we hold, it is the total mass of our entire body - all our organs, muscles, tissue, fluid, blood and fat. If you lose weight fast I can guarantee you won't be loosing fat alone, but sacrificing muscle and losing water too.

So please, as a favour to me..... next time you look in the mirror, thank your body for keeping you alive, for performing all of it's wonderful functions every single second of every day, and accept that your body is so much more than how it looks! I could really go on about this subject all day, it makes me so sad to think of all the wonderful people putting so much pressure on themselves to shrink to a smaller number, often taking extreme, dangerous or unsustainable measures to get there.

And whilst I am on this rant, why do women want to always weigh less? If you think that achieving a pre decided 'magic number' is going to make you happy then you are wrong, true contentment comes when you accept and love your body for what it is. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet, treat your self often, move your body in a way that you enjoy, drink lots of water and be proud that you are doing your best.

Your friends and family do not care how much you weigh, they don't care if you have rock hard abs, they care that you are healthy and happy. Life is too short to sacrifice memories and living for the sake of a few lbs on the scale. When you are old, looking back over your life, I can guarantee you won't be saying 'i'm so glad I never ate chocolate or drank wine so that I could weigh 5lb's lighter'

My take away?........Scale weight does not define our worth, you are so much more than a number on a scale. Live your life!

Gemma x