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Why 'Fad diets' and nonsense supplements make me mad.....

Some harsh truths........

So, some of you may have seen Kim Kardashian promoting an 'appetite suppressant' lolly this week, when I saw this I was absolutely disgusted, but not at all surprised. Kim has a huge following, and therefore a responsibility, and is already extremely wealthy. As a mother herself, she should know better, why she chose to promote such nonsense is beyond me, she will have been paid so so so much more than you would even believe for that post, and is just out to make as much as possible ....anyway, I wanted to take the opportunity to delve a little deeper in to how weight / fat loss can be achieved in a safe, healthy, realistic and sustainable way, without following a specific diet, or forking out for necessary supplements.

Everyone has different energy requirements, as in the calories that a person needs to just be alive and function optimally, this will be determined by many factors such as:

- Weight

- Height

- Gender

- Genetics

- Age

This is why generic meal plans which prescribe everyone the same number of calories are a BAD idea. On top of the base energy requirements that an individual needs, other factors to consider is your general activity levels, and the amount of exercise you do. These things will also impact how many calories your body needs to function optimally each day.

If you start a 'diet' and your calories are too low, you will lose weight, but you will also lose muscle along with fat, this is why it is important to know your individual energy requirements, and that you have a general awareness of the basics of nutrition. The aim should be to lose fat whilst eating as much as possible - No one enjoys feeling starving (the hanger can be real.....)

The problem with generic diet clubs (slimming world, weight watchers etc), is that they do not teach their members anything about the science of nutrition, meaning their clients tend to either rebound and put weight back on, or never achieve the desired results (that's what they want of course, for you to keep lining their pockets!) The people that run the groups have no formal nutrition qualifications at all. It is absolutely possible to lose fat and maintain a healthy weight without counting points or syns etc. Another thing that grates on me with diet clubs is that they promote some foods as being better than others, and even sell their own products which are expensive and filled with processed and cheap ingredients.

There are no inherently 'good' or 'bad' foods, which is why my clients learn how to nourish their bodies with nutrient dense foods, but also include the foods they love in their diet. This is a far more sustainable approach in achieving long term success.

As for supplements such as detox teas, slimming pills, meal replacement shakes etc etc, these are at best a complete waste of time and money, and at worst damn right dangerous. These companies pray on those that are desperate to believe they can achieve results without hard work, they spend ££££ on marketing, and are NEVER backed up by scientific evidence. If it was as easy as sipping on a tea, then the NHS would prescribe it seeing as obesity is the biggest cost to them in this country at the moment.

These supplements usually contain diuretics and laxatives, so yes you lose weight, but no it isn't fat, it's waste of the body. They can lead to colon and bowel damage, dehydration and kidney problems, as well as head aches and heart problems. Detox products of any kind are completely bonkers, our body has it's own detox system - the liver. And as for 'appetite suppressant lollies', our hunger signals are as normal as our breathing, we should not be trying to suppress them! If you are hungry it means you need to eat. Supplements such as these can cause eating disorders, they promote such a poor relationship with food and our bodies, and they are created purely to profit from you. Please please do not buy in to these.

Stop looking for a quick fix! Fat loss (the right way) is hard, and it is slow, you didn't put it on over night, so you aren't going to lose it over night either. I'm sorry if that is not what you want to hear. Weight loss, gain, or maintenance is a science and it comes down purely to calories in vs calories out, so if you are slogging away in the gym but not seeing results then your energy balance IS out of whack. If you take the time to learn about your energy requirements, move your body in some way every day, drink enough water, and start implementing healthier habits then you will be able to have your cake and eat it.

This is why I created my business, to help as many people as possible in achieving their goals, for them to learn along the way, and to feel amazing as well as look amazing!

Gemma x