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Treat your fitness like an important meeting for the best results

A lot of people seem to be stuck in the cycle of struggling to commit the time to regularly exercise.......

I get it, we are living in a society that is ever demanding, with pressures to constantly do more, be more, and achieve more. This often leads to a feeling of being overwhelmed, under rested, and highly stressed. So often exercise is put to the back of the queue, BUT I am here to tell you why it should be one of the biggest priorities in everyone's daily schedule

Exercise has a whole array of benefits, these include:

  1. Better sleep quality

  2. Boost in mood

  3. Improved energy

  4. Greater self confidence

  5. Lower risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes

  6. Improved fitness

  7. Aids in the prevention of obesity

  8. Can be a great way to socialise and meet new people

  9. Improved bone density and muscle mass

  10. Empowering

  11. Alleviates stress and anxiety

I could go on and on, but the fact is the majority of people suffer currently from at least one of the above problems. This is why I suggest that you take time to plan every week ahead, look at your main priorities for the coming week, and schedule physical activity along side these as if they were important meetings.

This allows you to visualise exactly when and how you are going to incorporate exercise in to your schedule. You do not need to be rigid with how you exercise, just make it a priority! This could be as simple as a brisk walk, a family swim, a gym class or maybe a local park run. The key is to move your body and get your heart rate up regularly, and you will start to reap the rewards in no time!

So although down time is important, and I always encourage rest and relaxation, think about how many hours you spend scrolling through social media, or watching TV, and ask your self if you could be doing something to help your health and fitness instead.

With this gorgeous weather that we are currently having there really is no excuse, walk instead of driving where possible which will also give you a good dose of vitamin D 😊

Gemma x