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Food Volume

How you can eat more AND lose weight..............

Sounds too good to be true right? The thing is the majority of people that are struggling with weight loss are actually eating too little, rather than too much.

This becomes problematic for several reasons. Firstly, by eating too little, and dieting too hard it can encourage a binge - restrict cycle that leads to periods of over eating due to the denial of foods which you have been craving. This in turn means that you are eating back the calories which you have worked so hard to save, resulting in no weight loss, or in some cases weight gain due to eating over the amount of calories saved.

As an example, a standard shop bought lunch time meal deal of a packet of crisps, a chocolate bar, a sandwich and a drink can add up to around 1,200 calories, due to the low levels of fibre and protein they will not be very filling despite being very calorie dense. By picking something that is loaded with nutrients and protein you can literally eat double the food volume for half of the calories. A great way to lose fat without even realising it!

This is not to say that any of the foods in the meal deal are bad, or should be avoided completely, but if you are struggling to lose fat, and are finding that you are fighting cravings and feeling constantly hungry then this is a great opportunity to assess your food quality and meal choices.

Many places now offer great high volume takeaway options, loaded with nutrients and by swapping out just one of the following you could be saving 100's of calories per week and finding your self far more satisfied.

- Swapping from normal to sugar free drinks

- Swapping crisps for popcorn

- Swapping a full size chocolate bar for a snack size bar

- Swapping full fat milk and sugar tea and coffee to sweetener or sugar free syrups with skimmed milk

- Adding in a quality fat source which will keep you full (nuts, seeds, greek yogurt, peanut butter, avocado etc)

- Adding in a lean protein source such as chicken, quorn, beans, lentils, pulses etc

- Swapping sugary high calorie cereals for a bowl of porridge with fruit

Fruits and vegetables are full of fibre, but generally low calorie, this means that they fill you up for longer whilst also providing an array of nutrients.

Overall, we should be looking at including lots of variety within our diets, ensuring that we eat foods which we enjoy, are satisfying and provide us with enough nutrients and energy to allow us to meet our goals.

Gemma x